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My name is Logan Maclachlan, I'm a 21 year old Photographer and Videographer based in Southern California.  I have taken courses at Palomar College in Film, Marketing and Photography.  I've also spent the past three years working in the field with countless brands, businesses and bands.

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My Story

In my Junior year of high school I took a film class for fun, I had always wanted to learn more about cameras, but what started as curiosity turned into an obsession. When the pandemic hit in 2020, my whole life was flipped upside down, along with everyone else's.  With a clean slate and a world of possibilities, I began working on making what had always been a hobby of mine, into my life.  Since then I've worked with models, bands, artists, event coordinators, booking agents, businesses, and even creative agencies. I've also been lucky enough to have worked with a few big names, one of those being KatVonD.  I've even had a video I made for the Escondido Street Festival be featured on the CBS 8 Morning News.  I'm passionate about my work, and if you give me the chance I will always aim to impress you!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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